After taking control of the site in 2019, the new owners secured approval for a change of use for the existing buildings to residential use, enabling the potential conversion of the existing building to 82 flats. Under the conversion, there would be no affordable housing on the site. In 2021, the London Borough of Hounslow granted permission for a vertical extension to enable an additional nine flats.

Rather than undertake this conversion, the preference is to provide a full demolition and redevelopment enabling a comprehensive and contextually responsive approach to design, massing and landscaping. There have been ongoing discussions with LB Hounslow and the emerging design that is the subject of this consultation is the outcome of significant work by the development team.

The team has the following aspirations, aimed at improving the local environment for both new residents and the local community, bring forward the comprehensive redevelopment of a vacant site that is no longer fit for purpose, bringing it back into active and appropriate use. The proposals will make efficient and sustainable use of this highly prominent brownfield site.

Quality living

Left image

To provide high quality homes that follow the London Plan space standards, including outdoor private amenity. New homes in the form of build to rent accommodation will make a material contribution to acute local and strategic housing targets and will strengthen the area’s housing stock. We will bring forward modern, high-quality residential accommodation with high standards of residential amenity, private and communal amenity space and supporting ancillary amenities, including co-working spaces for residents.

Affordable housing

To deliver the maximum possible amount of affordable housing, in the context of Hounslow and London Plan policies.

Commercial space

To deliver over 1,000 sqm of high quality, employment generating floorspace – potentially including a shop, café or similar outlet. The commercial floorspace will significantly increase jobs at the site.

Public realm enhancement

To improve the public realm experience around the site and the between the site with the creation of generous, high quality areas of public realm, particularly focused around the roundabout.


A proposal that can bring the community together and create a sense of place, with the introduction of active frontages addressing Burlington Lane and the Hogarth Roundabout.

Inspiring design


A development that will redefine the character of this prominent site, and may inspire redevelopment of similar brownfield sites in Hounslow, with high architectural quality and design - creating an exemplary development on a visually prominent corner site.

The emerging development contains the following elements:

 Ground floor +12 storeys

 170 apartments comprising 41% 1 beds, 38% 2 beds and 21% 3 beds.

 Tenure blind scheme with all build to rent and affordable rent apartments sharing internal and external amenity areas.

 The layout optimised in order to maximise dual aspect and through units.

 Ground floor with active uses including retail unit, shared residential lobby and workspace, and commercial office space

 68 standard and 19 blue badge car parking spaces provided in the basement achieving a 0.5 ratio that will be split fairly between tenants.

Finally, here are artist’s impressions of how the new development will look.


Above: A sketch of the proposals


Above: A sketch of the proposals

It is our aspiration to provide exemplar landscaping within and around our site in order to provide an excellent environment for both new residents and our neighbours around the site. Here, we present our emerging proposals for the landscape within and around our site. Below, you can see our emerging proposals for the subway under the A4.

Firstly, we have the opportunity to improve the area around our site. The plan below shows our site as defined by the red line and how we can make improvements to the land on the ground floor both inside and outside our ownership.

Ground floor potential landscaping


This plan demonstrates the opportunity to provide useful facilities such as outdoor cycle parking, seating areas playspace. All the pictured facilities will be open and useable to all the community and not only the residents of the new building.

Outdoor spaces for residents of the new homes

Enjoyable and functional outdoor spaces are proposed on the second and twelfth floor of the new building. Both spaces will be available for all occupants of the new homes, regardless of tenure. As you will see, the site can provide places to both rest and play.


We have made the following sketches of how these outdoor areas will be provided. We have drawn three cross sections, showing, in order, how the Ground Floor, Second Floor and 12th Floor will appear. The locations of these three sample areas are shown on the Location Plan. Click to open the plan as a PDF.

Click to open sketch sections

Finally in regard to landscaping, we have drawn a plan showing all the outside spaces at different levels.


Potential subway improvements

Right image An underpass to enable crossing of the A4 has its entrance in front of the building (shown on the left).

Whilst this subway is owned and managed by Hounslow Council and Transport for London we are keen to see if we can provide improvements to the unwelcome environment of this subway. Potential improvements could include:


 Improved way-finding, to point individuals towards nearby routes, further connections, points of interest etc.

 Lighting improvements to create route that feels safe to use during all hours of the day and night

 Enhanced handrails/boundary treatments to avoid the use of dark furnishings

 Re-tiling of walls to introduce a splash of colour

 Dedicated cycle lane to improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, creating a safe and clear delineation for different users

 Resurfacing of footpaths and/or painting of ceilings to improve general conditions

 Introduce public art/historic time line on the walls to create an interesting and informative experience about the site’s historic value


There are three entrances/exits to the subway, which could be decorated as follows, showing the character areas of the river Thames, Chiswick High Street and planting reflective of Chiswick House and Grounds.


We have prepared indicative sketches of how the ground floor will look from Burlington Lane and from the Hogarth roundabout:



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