The team


Jaysam works with discerning individuals for their private residences, Jaysam design and create exceptional luxury interiors, transforming our clients’ vision into reality with tailor made finishes.

Simpson Haugh's passion for responsible, uplifting and beautiful design has informed our approach since 1987, when Rachel Haugh and Ian Simpson were united by a shared belief that innovative architectural thought has the power to shape and transform our cities.

Lichfields has been at the forefront of planning and development in the UK since the company was founded in 1962. And now, half a century later, we're the most successful consultancy in the field.

Macfarlane and Associates is an award winning land planning and design consultancyis an award winning land planning and design consultancy. They offer a focused approach to urban and environmental regeneration in the UK and overseas. Based in Southwark's Bankside Quarter, the practice has a reputation of excellence and innovation in design, planning and implementation of projects, particularly those based on sustainability principles. The consultancy provides land planning and design services including masterplanning, urban design, environmental and landscape design, across many sectors.

Your Shout undertakes professional community consultation for the built environment. We work for developers, local authorities, and other clients who wish to contact, consult, and listen to people in a specific community, neighborhood, or area. We are committed to strengthening relationships between landowners, communities, and local councillors.

communityUK is a consultation platform and tool for engaging communities on consultation projects, major or minor. Our platform helps deliver trust with the community, increase accessibility, generate excellent participation, and improve interactivity.